Contempo Madrid Nero


Crafted in Spain, this premium, imported slimline Contempo Madrid brick presents distinctive style with unique deep black, inky blue tones. Spanish clay affords density, durability and a satin smooth finish.




Contempo Madrid pallet details 
Bricks per sq metre: 58.5
Bricks per pallet: 510
Bricks per layer: 51
Contempo Madrid bricks are delivered in pallets and have a nominal size of 290x90x47mm.

Important: Contempo Madrid is an imported product. Due to high density clay used, the moisture absorption rate is reduced when compared to locally manufactured clay brick products.

Whilst every effort is made to supply bricks consistent with examples, variation will occur naturally in the production of all kiln-fired products. Colours are reproduced as faithfully as possible to the original product, however colour variation will occur due to the limitations in the photographic process.

Please check stock availability before placing an order. Stock availability may vary on a day-to-day basis particularly for load bearing bricks, non-standard product and special shapes.

Additional information

Quantity Type

510 Bricks Per Pallet


290 x 90 x 47mm