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BG Pool Paint Kit – Ocean Blue


  • BG Pool High Solid Epoxy Pool Paint System-Quality that EnduresBG Pool Paint offers the ultimate coatings experience in pool paint systems. BG Coatings only source the best raw materials available to formulate and produce a state of the art technology coatings system, which results in a finish for your pool that is truly sublime. Our smart micro-technology paint offers improved resistance against pool chlorinated chemicals and chalking.BG Pool Paint Epoxy System can be applied over old and new surfaces such as concrete, fiberglass and marble sheen.With more than 50 years experience in the coating industry, BG Pools utilities European technology to offer an array of vibrant colours to renew your old pool surface or to coat your new pool with a finish that is smooth and seamless.
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Advantages of BG Pool High Solid Epoxy Pool Paint System:

  • Step by Step guide for the application, anybody can do it!
  • Provides stain chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Will resist algea growth
  • Durable long lasting colour finished, thanks to a High Solids System.
  • Provide a longer service life due to increased film thickness.
  • Only use the finest raw materials to formula BG Pool High Solid Epoxy Pool Paint.
  • Can be used on ponds as well as other aquatic facilities
  • Developed in Australia and made for Australia conditions

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4.5 kg


18 × 19.5 cm

BG Pool Paint kit - Ocean Blue

3.5 Lt