MaxiLite 12mpa


With our continual focus on new and innovative products we are proud to introduce MaxiLite (305x90x162mm), our new lightweight 2 course utility brick that makes building easier and more efficient.

This new lightweight brick weights only 4.9 kilos, but is no lightweight performer. It has all the strength and performance qualities of our standard Maxi brick.

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Maxi Brick pack details 
Bricks per sq metre: 18.5
Bricks per pack: 132
Maxi bricks are delivered in packs, which consist of three leaves of 44 bricks per leaf.

Please check stock availability before placing an order. Please discuss your requirements, including any special requirements, with a Midland Brick Sales Advisor or Representative on 13 15 40.

Midland Bricks utility bricks’ have no guaranteed colour. They may range from cream to a muddy brown. As most utility bricks are used internally or rendered, a consistent colour or texture is neither necessary nor considered during the selection process, with the exception of paint grade bricks where attention is given to texture (smooth with a square aris). The colour and texture of utility bricks do not contribute aesthetically to a finished project.

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132 Bricks Per Pack


305 x 90 x 162mm