Heavy Duty Red


Bringing both style and function, the heavy duty 60mm rectangular paver boasts deep red tones, featuring a subtle fletched texture and refined smooth finish.

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Heavy Duty Paver Details 
Pavers per pack: 312
Sq metre per pack: 8.43
Pavers per sq metre: 37

Heavy Duty Pavers are delivered in packs, which consist of four leaves of 78 pavers per leaf.

When planning your driveway, consider adding a curve or letting it sweep towards the front of your house. You’ll be surprised how it can enhance the facade of your home. Smaller pavers will allow greater flexibility in your design, and the relatively smaller and rectangular shaped Heavy Duty clay pavers range is ideal for this.

Whilst every effort is made to supply pavers consistent with examples, variation will occur naturally in the production of all clay and masonry products. Colours are reproduced as faithfully as possible to the original pavers, however colour variation will occur due to the limitations in the photographic process.

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230 x 114 x 60mm


312 Per Pack