Bradford Anticon™ Roofing Insulation Blanket


Choose from the below R-Value

  • 1.3, 60mm Thick, 1200 mm Wide, 15m Long, 18 m2/roll
  • 1.8, 80mm Thick, 1200 mm Wide, 15m Long, 18 m2/roll
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Features and Benefits

  • Keeps homes and buildings cooler in summer, prevents heat loss in winter
  • Reduces rain noise
  • Provides effective condensation control
  • Reduces overall building energy usage
  • Can be custom cut to required length to reduce waste and installation time
  • Available in a range of thicknesses to meet the BCA Energy Efficiency Provision
  • Made from biosoluble formulation
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environmentally sound – made from up to 65% recycled content

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R1.3, R1.8, R2.3, R2.5, R3.0, R3.3, R3.6